Our Goal

Kentucky has so much to offer in the way of agriculture, beauty, and spirit.  Our lands are rich with natural resources and having to rely on other states or countries for what we can provide right here is unthinkable when it comes to some things.  Cannabis and Industrial hemp is part of Kentucky's history, and not just for health benefits, but for building materials and textiles, as well as automotive fuel, plastics, soil remediation, and recreation. 

We aim to provide you with the highest quality Kentucky grown, owned, and processed industrial hemp products.

Our Mission

To source the best genetics, growing practices, and extraction processes, combined with our transparent policies, environmental consideration, and accessible 3rd party lab tests, we want to make your decision an easy one.  

The benefits of CBD are difficult to refute, ensure you get the most benefit by sourcing the highest quality.

Thank You for Choosing Weightless Hemp Extract